Being a streamer can be fun when it doesn’t involve dealing with negative users. Sadly though, no matter what you stream or do, trolls are going to find their way to you. The best way to handle them is by moderating your stream to minimize any negative comments or spam.

Moderating streams on Tiktok is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is decide whether you want to moderate yourself or if you want to have a friend help you. Once this choice is made, you can go tap the settings button on your stream to make things a bit easier.

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Stream moderation options:

Image via TikTok
  • You can choose up to 200 words to ban, these can be typed in.
  • You can assign friends with Tiktok account as moderators by tapping the moderators button and adding them.

How to mute problem viewers:

  • Tap on their profile picture
  • There will be a manage button press it.
  • Tap the mute option, this will block them from posting any further messages and can be undone at any time.

Remeber to report more serious cases as well as mute them to have the account looked at by Tiktok

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