Merging your Overwatch account to Overwatch 2 is an important step in getting started and, alongside setting up SMS Protection, is something that players will need to do when starting up the game.

How do you merge Overwatch accounts to Overwatch 2

Connecting accounts to can be a bit confusing without some help, so players can follow the steps below to connect their desired accounts.

  1. Head to the website and sign into the account that you will be playing Overwatch 2 with.
  2. Navigate to the Account Setting section of the site.
  3. Once on the Account Settings page, find the Connections tab in the sidebar.
  4. On the Connections tab, players will be able to connect their various accounts (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Google, Twitch, ETC). It is important to attach the accounts where Overwatch has been played as well as the platform where Overwatch 2 will be played.

*It is important to note that the account that is linked the first time is pretty set in stone. Players can change which accounts are linked to their account, but they will have to wait a decent amount of time before they have the ability to switch connected accounts once they are set.

What does merging accounts do in Overwatch 2?

Merging accounts allows players to keep the progress they have earned in Overwatch so they don’t have to start from the ground up in Overwatch 2. Skins and most unlocks will port over once the accounts have been connected, so this is great news for returning Overwatch players.

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