To master martial arts such as Karate and Judo in Bitlife, they will need to age eight. At the age of eight, the option to start practicing martial arts will unlock in the game, and to begin mastering one, they will need to find martial arts under Mind and body. 

Under the martial arts tab in Mind and body, players will have the option of practicing one of five martial arts at the age of eight. Here’s a full list of all marital artes you can choose.

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Kung Fu
  • Taekwondo

Each one has it’s own fighting skills that can help your characters fend off attackers and complete certain objectives, so pick one that best suits you. But if you are trying to complete the Demon slayer challenge, you will need to pick either Judo or Karate. 

Once you pick your martial art, you can master it by reaching the highest rank or belt in the martial art – for Karate and Judo it is both red belts. You can reach the highest rank by practicing every year until you graduate from high school.

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You will need to start paying for your own lessons when you graduate, so it’s ideal for mastering at least one before you turn eighteen. 

You are also able to keep practicing until you master one martial art all in one year. So to practice martial art, simply find the martial art tab under the Mind and body activity tab. 

When you find the martial arts tab, locate the martial arts you are practicing and click the practice option. Keep clicking this practice option until you reach the highest rank, and you will master martial arts in Bitlife. 

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