If you want to complete this week’s challenge in Bitlife, you will need to marry someone considered rich in the game.

To marry someone rich is simple. All you need to do is visit the dating app and keep choosing dates until you find someone with a high wealth stat.

You can see if they have a high wealth stat under their name when they show up as a date via the dating app.

That said, keep using the dating app under the find someone to love tab in Bitlife until you find someone with at least green wealth stats and start dating them.

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Once you start dating them, you can marry your partner by improving their relationship to perfect status by being nice to them and spending time with them.

You can also increase their relationship status by giving them gifts and using various other options under their relationship tab.

Eventually, you should be able to increase their relationship status high enough to the point where you will be able to propose to them and marry them.

When you reach this point, just use the option under their relationship meeter to ask them to marry you and then plan the wedding. After all of this, you will get marry and if they are rich, complete the objective for this week in Bitlife.

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