Beatrice is a woman of noble origin and a bit airheaded when it comes to commonplace occurrences. She prefers to live a bit away from the other townsfolk with the knight Reinhard. Once you meet her, though, you may find that it’s quite easy to win her fancy.

How to increase Beatrice’s hearts

Beatrice can be found at the Belpha Ruins outside of town. Speaking with her each day, as well as providing her with a gift will help raise your Friendship level. You will also want to give her a gift for extra points on his birthday, which is on Winter 5.

Favorite Items:

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Fruit Sandwhiches

Disliked Items:

  • Doria
  • Gratin

Beatrice is honestly pretty easy to please, all you need is one big strawberry harvest, and you will be able to increase her friendship level quickly. Once you are at heart level, 7 use the BTW Menu to confess to Beatrice. You can date multiple characters at the same time but only marry one.

The marriage option will become available once you have completed the following tasks:

  • Completed the three normal Beatrice’s events, a pink icon will appear on their map icon notifying you of each event.
  • Completed Beatrice’s final story event.
  • Met everyone in town.
  • Have unlocked and made an engagement ring.
  • Have her at ten hearts.
  • Have a double bed.

Once you have met all of these requirements, you will be able to propose to and marry Beatrice.

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