There are a lot of things for you to keep up with while playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus. From Pokemon locations, to where to find a certain berry tree, there are a lot of areas you will want to memorize on the map. The best way to do this is by using markers to note important locations in the game.

The system of using markers is actually quite simple, although there is a limit to how many markers you can place around at once. There are 20 markers you can place in each area, so be sure to use them wisely.

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How to place markers:

  • Go to the area you want to place the marker in, if you aren’t already there.
  • Open up the map using your Arc phone.
  • Move your cursor over to the location you want to mark and hit A.
  • Choose from the seven different markers avalible, and the location will now be marked.

If you ever want to unmark a location, simply move your cursor over it and press A.

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