The Ping system is one of many aspects about VHS that marks it apart from other similar multiplayer survival horrors. Pinging something creates a map marker within the world so team members can easily find an item, enemy, or teammate. Within VHS this is exclusive to Teens as the monsters won’t have any partners in crime.

How to Place a Ping

Image via Hellbent Games

At the start of the game, each of the Teens will be given a corresponding color to their characters, such as Yellow, Blue, Green, or Pink. These colors will be visible on the Heads Up Display (HUD) after their health bar.

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Pings can be made on items and characters. To place a ping, players simply need to press the middle mouse button or double-tap the Ping hotkey on the area they want to ping. Alternatively, players can press the C button to Ping themselves for help. Either one will make a sound cue and will become visible to all Teens through walls.

Depending on what the player is marking, they may or may not receive a contextualized icon for the ping. Pings will only last for a few seconds, and they will have to wait a few seconds between each time that they Ping something, so players should be mindful of how often they are using the Ping system.

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