To get yarn in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to kill animals such as wolves for fur and turn it into yarn via the tinker NPC.

Crafting yarn from fur will cost four per yarn, so luckily, getting fur is not hard if you build the farm and kill wolves whenever they pop up on roads. If you want to farm wolves for fur, just follow roads, and they will eventually spawn.

However, you will want to turn yarn eventually into spun yarn as certain late-game armors will require it in its crafting recipe. To make spun yarn in Tribes of Midgard, you will need both fur and yarn, and crafting it will cost five yarn and four yarn per spun yarn.

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But this is not the only way you can get spun yarn. If you rather farm enemies instead, you can always kill both unfrozen and unsunken enemies for the resource.

Getting spun yarn this way is an efficient method as you can also get other resources you need in the areas both monster types spawn. That said, if you want to find either unsunken or unfrozen enemies, you will need to search the Ash Beach for unsunken enemies and the Glacier Peaks for unfrozen enemies

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