Woven Fiber is an important resource in the early game of Grounded, so you will really want to make sure that you’ve got the ability to get some as soon as possible. We’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get it so you can start creating tools, gear, snacks, and base material in the game.

To make Woven Fiber in Grounded you will need to get Plant Fiber, analyze it, and then use it to craft the Woven Fiber. Creating it isn’t too difficult, but it will require you to know some things beforehand that you might not know about the game just yet! We’ll go into details below.

The first thing to do is get some Plant Fiber. You can locate this pretty much all over the place within the grass, however, I would stay on the paths right now because it’s really easy to get lost in this game. Plant Fiber comes in multiple shapes, but it’s usually always small and ground. Gather up as much as you can find!

If you follow the path where you first start, you will run into what is basically a small Science Lab. Inside of this on the right is a Resource Analyzer which is used to open up crafting recipes for resources you find in the world!

Add the Plant Fiber to the Analyzer and you will get some brand new things you can craft with it! You can analyze three different resources before you have to wait for the Analyzer to charge up again. One of these blueprints is the Woven Fiber we’re going to need. Head into our crafting inventory and locate the Woven Fiber.

All you need now is three Plant Fiber to craft one Woven Fiber! Once you create one, you might want to analyze it to open up even more recipes. Use this ingredient to create yourself an axe!