To make wooden boards in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to gather wood and branches and also level up the Tinker NPC to level three.

You can get both wood and branches by chopping down the various types of trees you can find in the game with a lumber axe.

The amount of wood you can get from chopping trees will also increase depending on the lumber axe you have, with crystal axes giving the most resources.

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Because of this, it’s highly advised to upgrade tools as soon as it is available, you can unlock the first set of upgrades by leveling the Tinker to level 3.

Doing so will allow you to make stone and then silver pickaxes, provides you have the souls to upgrade the Tinker. To get souls, you will need to either gather resources or loot treasure chests and clear camps out of enemies.

Clearing camps in Tribes of Midgard is the best method for farming souls, so it’s recommended to split your party up into two groups, one farms resources while the other gathers souls to upgrade all of the NPCs and worksites.

Once you get enough souls, upgrade the Tinker, and you will be able to make wooden boards at the cost of six wood and four branches per wooden board. These wooden boards can then be used to upgrade structures, rebuild the worksites and make various weapons.

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