Alcholol is a resource you are going to need to keep some of your settlers happy. That said, you can make three kinds of alcohol: wine, beer, and ale – you can make all three types inside a station called a brewing station.

However, before you can build this brewing station, you will first need to research the tech tree brewing. You can do this by building a research table if you haven’t already and making a total of 45 chronicles. 

If you don’t know already, you can make chronicles by assigning one of your smartest settlers to produce them by starting a production chain inside the table. Uou can also assign settlers by going into the job tab and increasing the job research to priority one.

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With that out of the way, you should be able to research brewing with no issue, and once it is researched, you will be able to make a brewing stand with 50 wood.

Once built, you can then make the three types of alcohol in the game with the following materials.

  • Ale – 20 Redcurrant
  • Beer – 20 Barley
  • Wine – 20 Barley and five herbs
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You can get the materials you need for the three types of alcohol listed above really easily. First, for barley, you will need to plant it with barley seed by going into the zone menu. After that, you can get herbs and redcurrant berries by finding them on the map, growing and marking them to be harvested.

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