Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical life-sim game filled with all the best Disney characters. Help your favorite characters restore the land of Dreamlight Valley by ridding it of evil magic. It’s up to you to build, decorate, and create friendships around the world by completing quests or sharing meals with the characters. You can make many meals that can restore your energy or increase your friendship levels, including 5-star desserts like the Wedding Cake.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Wedding Cake Recipe

5-star meals are some of the best meals you can make, restoring significant amounts of energy for your character or boosting your friendships with other characters. They require the most ingredients but can still be pretty easy to create.

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The Wedding Cake may seem more complicated, but it is relatively simple since its ingredients are easily accessible or purchased. Some players may want this for their daily gift, so it’s an excellent recipe in your collection. The five ingredients you will need are as follows:

  • Eggs x1
  • Wheat x1
  • Butter x1
  • Sugarcane x1
  • Vanilla x1

Eggs and butter can both be bought at Chez Remy. Wheat is found in Peaceful Meadows from Night Thorns or purchased at Goofy’s Stall, Sugarcane at Dazzle Beach is either found or purchased, and Vanilla is harvested from plants in Sunlit Plateau. Once you have all those ingredients, you can head to any cooking station and mix them to make this beautiful 5-star Wedding Cake.

Even though 5-star meals require the most ingredients, they are not always the most difficult to make. They are the most valuable and beneficial meals you can make to restore the most energy or gift to your friends in the Valley. They often appear as a character’s favorite items of the day, so you’ll want to have them ready in your collection of recipes.

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