The Withered Beansprout stands in the way of main quest progression in Little Witch in the Woods. If you’re scratching your head on how to make this plant grow, we’ve got some concise tips for success.

How to make the Withered Beansprout grow in Little Witch in the Woods

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After you notice that the Withered Beansprout stops you from continuing to follow the roots along the path, you’ll be told to figure out how to make it grow larger. Speak to various town members to get info on the topic. Ultimately, Rubrumthe fox—tells you that it will need a lot of nutrition to make it grow. This is your hint to make a Nutrition Potion and throw it at the Beansprout. This will make the sprout grow. You can now cross the area and keep tracking the roots to their source.

How to get the Nutrition Potion in Little Witch in the Woods

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To be able to craft the Nutrition Potion for growing the Beansprout, you’ll need to first learn how to make the potion. Learning potions and candies is done by obtaining recipe scrolls. You can get the recipe scroll for the Nutrition Potion from Diane, who is outside the Witch’s home every day between 8am and 6pm. Get the recipe from her for 10 Luna Coins, then hit Use on the scroll in your inventory. Now, you can access the recipe and instructions in your encyclopedia.

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