The Obliterator is a brand new item that players can make to destroy items they do not want anymore. To make the obliterator in Valheim, you will need the following materials listed below. 

  • Eight Iron
  • Four copper
  • One Thunder Stone
  • Forge

Along with the materials listed above, you will also need a hammer and a forge nearby before you can place the Obliterator. But before you can make the Obliterator in Valheim, you will need to get the materials required to do so. Check the table below for how to get every material needed for the Obliterator. 

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Materials required to make the Obliterator in ValheimHow to get it
Eight IronYou can get eight iron by gathering it from muddy scrap piles in crypts in the swamp. However, you will also need a swamp key before you can access these crypts.
Four copperYou will need to mine copper ore via copper ore deposits in the Black Forest biome.
One Thunder StoneThunder Stones can be bought from the trader NPC in Valheim

Once you have all of the materials you need to make the Obliterator in Valheim, place it down by opening the build menu with your hammer. To do this, right-click the hammer while it is in your Hotbar and then go to the crafting tab.

Find the Obliterator in the crafting list and then left click it to place it down, after it is placed, you can destroy any items you don’t want by placing them inside the Obliterator.

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