To make the Crystal battleaxe in Valheim, you will need to gather the following materials listed below. 

  • 40 Ancient bark
  • 30 Silver
  • 10 Crystal 

Along with the materials listed above, you will also need to have at least a level 3 forge and workbench in order to make it. 

You can get the ancient bark you need for the Crystal battleaxe by heading into the swamp and chopping down ancient trees with a decent wood chopping axe.

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To get the 30 silver you need, you will need to first beat the boss Bonemass and use his wishbone item to find it in the mountain biome. 

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Once you get a wishbone, use it to find silver deposits by equipping the bone and explore around mountains in the mountain biome until you hear and see glowing beeping effects coming from your character. 

When these pulsating effects get quicker and louder, it means you are on top of a deposit, and within a few swings of your pickaxe, you will find silver ore. 

For the final material, Crystals, you will need to search and locate Stone Golems and kill them in Valheim. Upon their deaths, they will drop the crystals you will need, so you will need to farm Stone Golems. 

You can find Stone golems, the mountain biome, and we also recommend using an iron mace and shield to kill them. Once you got all of the materials, take them back to your workbench or forge, and you will be able to make the crystal battleaxe in Valheim.

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