The Butcher Knife is a unique and brand-new tool that was just recently added with the Hearth and Home update, and it serves as a way to add more depth to the taming mechanics in the game. To make the Butcher Knife, you will need two wood and four tin.

When you have both the required amounts of resources, you can make the Butcher Knife inside a level one workbench. After you craft it, you can then use it to kill tamed creatures so that you can harvest them for their resources. Tamed creatures that this knife includes the following listed below.

  • Loxs
  • Wolfs
  • Boars

Check the table below for where to get both tin and wood to make the Butcher Knife in Valheim.

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All materials required for the Butcher Knife in ValheimWhere to get them all resources
Four TinPlayers can get tin by exploring the coasts of both the meadows and Black Forest biomes. Near both the ocean and rivers and other water sources, you can find tin along the coasts and can mine it with a pickaxe. Doing so will get you tin ore that can be smelted via smelter into tin bars.
Two WoodTo get wood, players must chop down trees in the meadows or any location that has trees in the game. A decent axe is recommended for getting wood fast.

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