Bone tower shields are a new variant of tower shields in Valheim. To make a bone tower shield, you will need the following materials listed below that include bone Fragments, skeleton trophies, and wood. 

  • 10 Bone Fragments
  • 3 Skeleton Trophies
  • 10 Wood

You can get all of these materials to make the bone tower shield in Valheim very easily. But before you can make it you will need to make sure to have at least a level three workbench. You can make a level three workbench by upgrading it

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That said, check our table below for everything you need to know about getting all of the required materials for the tower shield. 

Materials Needed to Make a Bone Tower ShieldWhere to get them in Valheim
10 Bone FragmentsYou can get bone fragments from killing skeletons in Valheim. You can find Skeletons near burial mounds that can spawn in both the Meadows and Black Forest Biomes. Skeletons can also be found in large numbers in the swamp biome.
3 Skeleton TrophiesSkeleton Trophies drop occasionally from Skeletons when they are killed.
10 WoodChop down trees with a decent axe to get wood.

Once you make the bone tower shield you can use it to protect yourself from damage. Here are all of the stats it has below.

  • – 20 movement speed (total: -30 percent)
  • Block force 100
  • Block armor 32
  • Repair Station level 3
  • Durablitiy 200
  • Quality 1
  • Weight 4.0
  • One- Handed

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