If you want to make terracotta in Minecraft, you will need two things clay blocks and a furnace. To get the first item, clay blocks, you will need mine clay, which you can get from mining clay blocks underwater in rivers and oceans – try searching rivers first. 

You can also make your life easier when trying to mine clay underwater by getting an aqua affinity enchantment or making some respiration gear – either one will work. Along with that, a silk touch enchantment will allow you to mine only the block and not break it, which makes it easier to make terracotta. 

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If you don’t have silk touch, that’s fine, just bring any clay drops you get back to a crafting table and fill four slots to make clay blocks. That said, once you have the clay blocks, you will be able to make terracotta by placing it inside a furnace with some coal. 

After some time, the furnace will melt the clay and turn it into terracotta, which you can then use to make all sorts of interesting buildings and creations. Terracotta can also be dyed and turned into another block called glazed terracotta. 

How to make Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft

To make glazed terracotta, you will first need to dye normal terracotta with whatever dye you have on hand by placing both inside a crafting table. After this, simply take that now dyed terracotta and place it inside a furnace to turn it into a glazes terracotta block in Minecraft.

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