One of the many ways in which you can preserve and prepare meat in Going Medieval is by smoking it. However, before you can smoke meat, you will need to first build a smokehouse and research the technology preserving food.

To build the smokehouse, your going to need to research the technology that unlocks it first. So to do that, you will need to build a research table under the production menu with 60 wood, and once that is done, start making chronicle books. 

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You will need a total of 30 of the books to research all of the technologies on the tree until you can research preserving food. That said, when you finally get to the point where you can research preserving food, it will then cost you 20 more chronicles, so you should make a total of 50 books for good measure.   

Once the preserving food tech is unlocked, you will be able to build a smokehouse with 70 clay that you can get from digging the ground up. That said, when you get enough clay, place a smokehouse and then start a production menu inside of it. Also, make sure to have someone set to cooking so that you can begin making smoked meat.

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