Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy is a great chance to test your cooking skills. Your guests will expect the best dishes, so it’s up to you to prepare them in time. To do that, you’ll need recipes to know which ingredients are necessary for the feast. As a chef in Aida Cafe, you must learn how to make Small Sesame Rice Dumplings. Here’s a recipe for this nice vegetarian meal!

Aida Cafe Small Sesame Rice Dumplings Recipe and Ingredients

  • Brown Rice
  • Sesame
  • Mushroom

Where to find Small Sesame Rice Dumplings Ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

To prepare small sesame rice dumplings in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need some sesame. This is a rare ingredient, but you can find it in the same place as brown rice. It’s connected to it, so you’ll also get sesame when you pick up rice. For more details, refer to the map of Navia below.

Tower of Fantasy where to find sesame
Image via Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

You’ll be able to cook the meal when you gather all the sesame rice dumplings ingredients. If prepared correctly, this Aida Cafe specialty will regenerate 20 satiety. Now that you know how to cook this delicate dish, you can learn how to prepare even more great meals!

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