Disney Dreamlight Valley’s expansive collection of recipes might leave you a bit confused. There’s over 160 of them for you to discover as you play. An easy but filling recipe you can try is Sautéed Mushrooms. If you need help figuring out the recipe, we’re here for you.

How to cook Sautéed Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sautéed mushrooms are made the same way you would at home. Throw some butter and mushrooms in a pan and sizzle them till they’re a nice golden brown. You can find mushrooms scattered around the Forest of Valor Biome. Butter has to be purchased at Chez Remy for 180 star coins a piece.

Other mushroom dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are some other unique dishes you need to use mushrooms to make:

  • Mushroom Pizza: mushroom, wheat, tomato, cheese
  • Mushu’s Congee: mushroom, rice, egg, ginger, garlic
  • Veggie Skewers: mushroom, zucchini, onion, bell pepper

This list does bring up a question: If there’s a Mushu’s Congee, where, oh where is Mushu?

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