There are many recipes to cook in Tower of Fantasy, and they are important sources of healing, buffs, and more. Each recipe requires different ingredients and provides different bonuses, including Roasted Suckling Pig. This may leave you wondering how to cook Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower of Fantasy.

How to cook Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower of Fantasy

To craft Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to gather the correct ingredients and head to a cooking station. You will need the following ingredients to craft this recipe in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Wild Boar Meat
  • Sugar Cubes
  • Honey
  • Lettuce

The more ingredients you use, the more likely you will succeed in cooking Roasted Suckling Pig. Once you have cooked this recipe, you can automatically make it through your recipe list. Lettuce and Honey are easy enough to come by, but Wild Boar Meat and Sugar Cubes can be a little harder to find.

We found Wild Boar Meat by killing Boars in Astra. It is a random drop, and you are not guaranteed to get it. We found it fairly common, so you shouldn’t have to farm many Boars to get this ingredient. We found Sugar Cubes by defeating Aidan Soldiers in Banges. This random drop was a little rarer than Wild Boar Meat.

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