If you’re a veggie eater, Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of main and side dishes you can make that stay vegetarian. Because of its ingredients, Roasted Asparagus is one of those dishes. Read on to learn how to cook this dish.

How to cook Roasted Asparagus in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In real life you could roast asparagus with a variety of oils, like butter. However, in-game it can only be made by combining Asparagus and a different oil: Canola.

Asparagus can be purchased from Goofy’s stall in the Frosted Heights for 200 star coins a piece. You can also purchase Asparagus seeds if Goofy’s stall has been fully upgraded. Although, it is probably easier to obtain Asparagus seeds by clearing night thorns in the Frosted Heights.

Canola can be purchased from Goofy’s stall in the Forest of Valor. You can buy it outright for 164 star coins a piece, or seeds cost 25 star coins. Clearing night thorns in the Forest of Valor will drop Canola seeds for free.

All recipes that require Canola in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s four other recipes that require you to use Canola over Butter:

  • Beignets: Canola, Eggs, Sugarcane, and Wheat
  • Fish ‘n’ Chips: Any Fish, Canola, Potato, and Wheat
  • French Fries: Canola and Potato
  • Kronk’s Spinach Puffs: Canola, Cheese, and Spinach

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