To make refined yellow crystals in Breakwaters, players will need to gather two types of resources. The first resource is large yellow crystals, and the other resource is glass bottles.

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You can get yellow crystals from mining large crystals found across the islands in the game. The crystal mounds will look like the yellow glowing rocks seen in the image below, and mining them will drop two types of crystals. 

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They will both say sea crystals, but one will be called yellow shards, and the other will be called yellow crystals. You can also tell both crystals apart by their appearance. For example, the yellow shards will be small and have two shapes. But, the crystals will be larger and consist of one shape, as shown below.

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As you can tell, the ones with the X over them are the shards, and the one with the box is the crystals you need. Now once you have the crystals, the next step is getting the glass bottles. To get the glass bottles, you will need to grab a shovel and dig. 

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Eventually, you will find the bottles as treasure when you dig anywhere on an island in the game. You can also find them sometimes sitting around on beaches. But when you pick them up, make sure to have some free slots, or you will get a note bottle instead of a glass bottle. 

That said, once you have both items you need, take them to the nearest builder’s table. Inside the builder’s table, you will be able to make refined yellow crystals. 

How to use Refined Yellow Crystals in Breakwaters?

To use refined yellow crystals in Breakwaters, you will need to locate a titan ruin. Inside titan ruins are small areas that usually contain one relic.

The relics inside these ruins are also often blocked by large pools of water. Because of this, you will need to use the refined yellow crystals to move the body of water to get to the relics inside titan ruins.

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