It shouldn’t come as a surprise that plants are vital to Terraria. Growing seeds into saplings and sprouts is a core aspect of gameplay, especially because some plants generate resources that you’re going to need a bunch of in the early stages of gameplay. Here’s how you can make your favorite plants grow at a rapid pace.

How to quickly grow seeds in Terraria

Location, location, location

There are a few aspects to planting that will change the rate at which you grow plants but the most important one comes down to location. You’ll want to ensure that your plants have enough vertical and horizontal space around them. If there is another plant or tree too close to your sapling, it won’t grow. Each tree should be three blocks apart from anything else so that it has plenty of room to spread out.

You also want to make sure that you are planting your seeds on the surface with at least 16 squares of vertical space. Keep torches and backgrounds away from your trees and they should be sprouting in no time.

On this note, pay attention to the biome that the plant originated from. Some plants, like Moonglow, require specific soil in order to grow.

Evaluate grow times

All plants in the game take different amounts of time to grow, usually from one to three days. If you need a ton of plants all at once, your best bet is to stick to Daybloom as it only requires grass and takes the shortest amount of time to grow out of all of the other plants. Waterleaf seems to be one of the slowest growing plants in the game.

Essentially, growing plants quickly in Terraria takes planning and patience. What’s your favorite plant in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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