In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players get to cook over 160 recipes with unique ingredients collected across various biomes. The Pan-Seared Bass and Vegetables is a three-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it only needs three different ingredients to make. While some of these recipes are easy to make, others can be difficult as they need a range of ingredients. Here’s how players can make the Pan-Seared Bass and Vegetables recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What are the ingredients needed in Pan-Seared Bass and Vegetables in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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The Pan-Seared Bass and Vegetables is a three-star recipe and it requires only three ingredients. You need a Bass fish, and any two vegetables to cook this dish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Vegetables are easy to come by as you can forage or farm them at different locations. The Pan-Seared Bass and Vegetables can be consumed for 432 energy, and players can also sell the dish for 231 Star Coins. The Bass fish is the only ingredient that is tricky to find, and for this players need to start Fishing.

How to get Bass fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The Bass fish can be acquired from Fishing at any of the water bodies or ponds in Peaceful Meadows, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, and Frosted Heights. It is one of the most common fishes you will find in the game. Visit a water body at any of these locations and simply cast a line with the Fishing Rod Tool. You don’t need to fish at white, blue, or gold bubbles, as you can get the Bass fish by Fishing at any spot at a water body. We recommend bringing along a companion with a Fishing bonus to help you while searching for the Bass fish.

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