Narcotics are the primary resource that you need for getting new dinosaurs and creatures in Ark Survival Evolved. That said, In this guide, we will explain how to make narcotics and how to use them.

How To Make Narcotics 

In short, to make Narcotics, you will need to make a Mortar and Pestle. To craft a Mortar and Pestle, you will need to unlock the engram for it at level 6 and have 65 stone and 15 hides. Once you make the Mortar and Pestle, place it on the ground; after this, you will then need to gather up the following resources listed below.

  • Five Narcoberries or Five Ascerbic Mushrooms – To get Narcoberries, you will have to hit “E” on grass or bushes in Ark; you can also try taming a trike to help you gather them in the early game. For Ascerbic Mushrooms, you have to collect them from mushroom patches across the Aberration map.
  • One Spoil Meat: Spoil meat is what you get when you let cooked or raw meat expire. To get large amounts of the stuff, split it in a chest and wait, or get a mod that enables you to get it instantly. 

The resources listed above are what you need to make Narcotics; you will also need to unlock the engram for it at level 5. Once you got all of that unlocked, place the Mortal Pestle, put the resources inside it, and click craft. 

After that, you will get Narcotics, which you can use to tame various Ark creatures by placing the item inside a knocked out creature. You can also make Narcotics into tranq arrows with one arrow and one narcotic to help you knock dinosaurs out.  


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