In Yakuza Like A Dragon, you will need a lot of money to buy some of the more end game items that can cost around 500k. Luckily there are a few decent ways to farm money in this fantastic RPG, and in this guide, we will show you all of them. 

How To Farm Yen in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The following below is a comprehensive list of all of the best ways in which you can farm money or yen in Yakuza Like A Dragon. However, before we begin, it is worth noting that some methods will require you to play a bit into the game before you can unlock them. Because of that, if you are a semi-new player to the game, we recommend doing methods 1-4 until you unlock the rest towards chapter five.

Battles, battles, and even more battles

After you unlock the hero class at the start of chapter 4, you can then start reliably farming the various enemy encounters for some decent starting money. Just run around, and you will find them, easy peasy! As a side note, the more you level up, the stronger enemies get, which makes them drop more money and better loot. 

Treasure hunting is your best friend.

You’ll unlock Treasure hunting around chapter 3, and all it involves is you walking up next stuff like vending machines and hitting “R” to check for loot. If you continuously farm these, you can potentially find gold plates or even 500 yen, making it an easy way to make money in the game.

Sell stuff at the local Pawn Shop.

In order to do this next farming method, you need to have the pawnshop unlocked first. If you don’t have it unlocked, don’t worry, keep progressing into chapter four, and you can unlock it through a side quest that can be obtained in the following location above in Misaki Street. Once the Pawn Shop has been unlocked, you can then sell some of the items you don’t need for some easy cash. 

Collect cans like a genuine Hobo

The next method is via Kan-san’s can collecting mini-game. Overall it’s another easy way to make some money in Yakuza Like A Dragon, but not a good one because it requires you to get 7500 points earned from the mini-game to convert for only 500 yen. That said, we don’t recommend using points for the money but rather the items Kan-san sells.

Unlock and Farm Part-Time Hero Quests

Part-Time Hero is another mini-game and series of quests you can unlock later in the game at the start of chapter 5; it’s also one of the best ways to make money in Yakuza Like A Dragon. The reason why is that you only have to do fetch quests with the rewards being thousands of yen.

Find all Ten Kappa Statues for a Big Reward

In chapter five, you will get a part-time hero quest that will require you to take pictures of all ten kappa statues in the game. If completed, you stand to gain over 2 million yen, not bad considering all you are doing is snapping pics. 

Pokémon, but you are hunting cats

Another good money-making part-time hero quest is the one you will get during chapter five, where you will need to find ten cats for 2 million yen like with the Kappa statue quest. Again, not a bad way to spend your time for some easy money.

Become a Businessman and make Millions.

Towards the end of chapter five, you’ll unlock arguably the best money farming method in the entire game, the business management mini-game. Once unlocked, and if done right, you could be ranking in more money than you can even spend in the game with this mini-game.

Unlock the Arena and Fight for Loot

The Arena is a very end gamey farming method but well worth the wait until chapter 12. Because if you spend 3 million yen, you can unlock it to farm waves of enemies across multiple levels for excellent loot and gear and even more money. 

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