You really need money to get around in East Brickton. But how do you get money? The game doesn’t explain this well when you enter it, so it could be confusing. Read below to get some tips!


Currently, jobs are the only way to make money in East Brickton. You can find available jobs by heading to the Key Resource office, which is located downtown as pictured above. When you go inside and up to the desk, you’ll be given a list of available jobs. Some examples include:

  • Fast Food
  • Boxer
  • DJ
  • Security
  • Clerk

The available jobs listed will have a brief description and show their salary. Pick the one you’d like and start working. If you can’t find a job you’d like in the office or they are all full, you may need to travel around town and talk to shop owners to see if you can get a job that way.


If you don’t mind playing a bit of an evil role, robbery is an option. Once per day (a day in the game, not real life), you can rob another player. The maximum amount you can get in a robbery is $300, so you may still want to find alternative options for money. See the Controls & Tips article below to figure out more about Robberies.

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While this is not the option that many players want to choose, it can work in a pinch. Most games offer an option to get in-game currency through the use of Robux. At this time, East Brickton does not give players the option to do this, it seems. The game is still in development, so it is very possible they will add this feature later. If/when this becomes an option, you will simply purchase Robux on the Roblox main site and then select the option in-game to buy money using Robux.

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