Dinkum is an Australian-inspired life simulator where you try to survive the harsh Australian Outback. Dinks are the currency in Dinkum and are used for almost all major progression points in the game. Making money fast is a vital part of Dinkum and if you’re wondering how, we are here with a beginner’s guide and how to make money quickly in Dinkum.

Best ways to make Dinks in Dinkum

Selling Bugs and Fish to John

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At the beginning of the game, there are limited ways to earn Dinks. While your town is just starting to grow, the best way to earn Dink is by selling Bugs and Fish to John. This will remain a consistent way to make Dink throughout your time in Dinkum; however other methods will become more efficient.

Be sure to buy the Commercial License from Fletch once unlocked, as you will receive 5% more Dinks when selling items to John.

Animal Collection

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Trapping animals is an efficient way to make Dinks each day. Crocos are worth 9,600 Dinks each and will spawn on your island daily. Placing an Animal Collection Point near Crocos spawn, typically along a river, will generate a large amount of Dinks with minimal effort. You will get your Animal Traps back the next day in the mail and can repeat this process each day. Check out our guide on Animal Trapping.

Deep Mining

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Deep Mining will take some time to unlock; however, it is the best way to earn Dinks. During Deep Mining, you can find Rubies. Rubies are rare resources that must be carried above your head back to John. These can be sold for 30,000 to 100,000 Dinks depending on the size. The heavier the Ruby, the higher it’s worth. You can find multiple Rubies per Deep Mining run.

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