If you are looking to craft Medical Brew, here’s how and what you will need in Ark Survival Evolved. 

How to get Medical Brew in Ark: Survival Evolved

To craft a medical brew, you will first need either a cooking pot, industrial cooker, or a simple mortal and pestle. Once you get the crafting station ready, you will then need to gather up the following materials listed below.

  • 20 Tintoberry
  • One Water source
  • Two Narcotic

Overall, the materials above are not difficult to gather up. For starters, if you want to get 20 Tintoberries, all you need to do is gather them either by yourself at a grassy area or use a creature like a trike.

Next, to get a water source, you will need to fill either a waterskin, water jar, or a canteen with at least 25 percent full of water. We also recommend using the waterskin because they are all around the low cost to make. 

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Now once you got the water source done, here’s how to make narcotics. To start, you will need to get both Narcoberrys or Ascerbic Mushrooms, and spoiled meat. The first two are relatively easy as you can get them in the same places as other berries and faster if you use a creature like a trike.

However, spoiled meat is not so much as it takes time for the meat to spoil, and you can no longer spoil meat on mass in your inventory space. Because of this, we highly recommend getting a spoiler mod from the Steam workshop like the one below, as it is just a time saver. 

That being said, once you got a good amount of all three materials, you will be set to make yourself some medical brew to provide yourself with some decent healing. 

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