Leather is a resource that is needed to make various items such as a golden bow and a small backpack, so here’s how to make it. 

How to Craft Leather in Forager

In short, to make leather in Forager, you will need the following items listed below, including a sewing station.

  • Two Hide 
  • Two Thread

You will need to either farm boars, cowpigs, or sheep to get hides, as all three animals drop hide upon death. That said, you can find both boars and cowpigs in the grass biome after you buy the second land, and you can find sheep in the winter biome. Now, to get thread in Forager, you will need to craft it with fiber that you can farm from sheep or cotton plants.

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Once you got enough of both materials, you will need to put them together inside a sewing station that you unlock by learning the sewing skill. After this, you can craft the sewing station with the following items. 

  • Two Fiber
  • 10 Wood
  • Eight Bricks

You already know how to get the fiber, but to get wood, you will need to chop trees down, and to get the bricks, you will need to meltdown both coal and stone inside a furnace. The furnace will cost 10 stones to make, and to make the bricks, you will need one coal and two stone per brick. 

That said, once you got everything made, you will be able to make thread, which can be later used to make items such as the golden bow and slime boots.

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