If you’re making high-level gear in New World, you’ve probably had the need for Infused Leather. An essential item for crafting Tier 5 gear and items, any Armorer worth their salt needs plenty of Infused Leather.

Infused Leather is a Tier 5 crafting material. To make Infused Leather, you will have to head to a Tannery. The Tannery will need to be Tier 5. You can find a Tannery in any settlement or town.

To make Infused Leather, you’ll need three Iron Hides, one Layered Leather, and one Tannin. Tannin is ubiquitous and can be found in any of the many supply crates scattered around the world. Unfortunately, iron Hides and Layered Leather are a little harder to find.

How to get Iron Hides

Iron Hides are a high-level item drop in the wilderness, dropping from mobs between levels 45-65. However, there are a few ways to get Iron Hide from lower-level enemies.

The first is the Amrine Excavation expedition. There, two creatures drop Iron Hides, Faminegeists and Withered Nests. These enemies are level 25.

Alternatively, the Named Lion mob Snaggletooth drops Iron Hides. He is found in level 30 areas.

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How to Get Layered Leather

Layered Leather is made from Thick Hides, Rugged Leather, and Tannin. Thick Hides are a Tier 3 drop that can be harvested from the same mobs that drop Iron Hides.

Rugged Leather is crafted from Course Leather, which in turn is crafted from Rawhide, the most common hide drop in the game. Any low-level beast, such as wolves, can drop it in the wilderness.

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