In the newest title from Stunlock Studios, V Rising, you play as a Vampire fighting for your own survival. Blood Essence exists at the heart of it all, being used to craft structures and upgrade gear. Though you will want better gear at some point, and that is where Greater Blood Essence becomes important. Here is how you can make Greater blood Essence in V Rising.

How to craft and use Greater Blood Essence

Not too long into the game, you will undoubtedly want to create higher-quality weapons and armor. Luckily, as part of a mid-game mission, you will be tasked with upgrading your castle and crafting Greater Blood Essence. You will need four Unsullied Hearts to be able to craft Greater Blood Essence. Unfortunately, these Unsullied Hearts are an extremely rare material that only drops randomly after defeating high-level enemies.

Farming low-level bosses such as the Alpha Wolf seem to be the only option if looking to get four Unsullied Hearts as quickly as possible. However, players who cannot secure the Unsullied Hearts need not worry. Once you defeat the boss known as Tristan the Vampire Hunter, you will receive a new crafting recipe for Greater Blood Essence that only requires 150 standard Blood Essence.

Once you have everything you need to craft the Greater Blood Essence, you can head to the Blood Press in your castle. Here you’ll be able to morph either four Unsullied Hearts or 150 Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence that you can use to get higher-level weapons and armor.

So there you have it, that is how you craft Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. Getting those four Unsullied Hearts is a real pain, but luckily you won’t have to continue hunting for them after securing the alternate recipe.

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