Welcome to Aida Cafe, a great place to dine if you’re planning to travel to the Tower of Fantasy world. If you’re into sweets, we recommend great gingerbread, as we have a great recipe! All you need to do is to find the right ingredients. So, prepare for a cooking adventure with lots o ginger and no ale in this Aida Cafe event!

Aida Cafe Gingerbread Recipe and Ingredients

  • Brown Rice
  • Honey
  • Sugar cube

Where to find Gingerbread Ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

Gingerbread is no good if you don’t have sugar! This ingredient is in demand on the Aida market, so you’ll have to go on a little quest to get it. You can try your luck with Heirs of Aida, as they’re known for their sweet tooth. If they’re not cooperative, just annihilate them. They have a sugar rush in Banges region. After that, you’re set to make a Gingerbread that regenerates 20 satiety.

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