Welcome to Aida Cafe, the best place for dining on the whole continent! Tower of Fantasy is filled with exploration and numerous dangers encompassing it. But this time, your main task is to relax and treat yourself to a nice meal and drinks. To do that, you’ll need a fruit punch recipe to show everyone that being a bartender can also be fun!

Aida Cafe Fruit Punch Recipe and Ingredients in ToF

  • Apple
  • Balloon Fruit
  • Carbonated Water
  • Grapes

Where to find Aida Cafe Fruit Punch Ingredients

To treat yourself with fruit punch, you’ll need to find apples and grapes, as those are ingredients connected to Aida Cafe. They are not that common in Tower of Fantasy, but you will have no problem finding them. You will get grapes by defeating Ravagers in Navia. As for apples, you won’t have to annihilate anyone. Just stroll around Banges and Astra regions and look for this fallen fruit. It’s lying on the ground, waiting for you to pick it up.

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