To make boat flares in Breakwaters, players will need to gather two types of materials. The first is fire coral, and the second is yellow crystals.

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Players can get fire coral by breaking and harvesting red plants found in the water near islands. View the image below to get an idea of what to look for when searching for fire coral plants. 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

In general, if you have any trouble finding fire coral, just look for red plants that look like the plants that give seagrass. Now to get yellow crystals, things get a bit easier.

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For instance, you won’t need to go in the water. Instead, all you need to do is look for big yellow glowing rocks like the one shown below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mining these rocks will give you the yellow crystals you need to make boat flares along with the fire coral. However, these crystal rock mounds will provide you with two types of crystals. 

One will be called shards, the other just yellow crystals. You will want ones called yellow crystals for crafting boat flares. Once you have a sizeable amount of both materials, take them back to a builder’s table to make them into boat flares. 

After you craft boat flares, you can use the flares to summon a ferry to use as a taxi or merchant to sell and buy items. 

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