If you want to make fireworks and firework stars in Minecraft, you will need the following materials in the game.

  • Gunpowder
  • Dye
  • paper
  • Firework star

Let’s start with how to make fireworks. To make fireworks, you will need one firework star and at least one to three gunpowder, and one paper placed in the pattern shown below.

Adding more gunpowder with a max of three will increase the duration of the firework to three minutes, and depending on what color firework star you use, you will create a firework of that color. For example, if you use a red firework star, you will create a red firework. 

That said, now on to how to make firework stars. In short, to make firework stars, you will need just one dye and one gunpowder, but with some crafting recipes, this will change – more on that later.  

Start by placing the dye next to the gunpowder inside a crafting table, and depending on what dye you use, you will craft a firework star of that color. You can also make multiple color fireworks by adding more dye to the crafting table alongside the firework star you just made. When the firework star is crafted, proceed to add it to a table with gunpowder and paper to make the multi color firework.

You can also add special items to give your firework stars special effects as listed by the chart below.

Firework ItemEffect after explosion
DiamondTrail effect
Glowstone dustTwinkle effect
FeatherBurst effect
Minecraft HeadCreeper face effect
Gold nuggetStar effect
Fire chargehuge ball explosion effect

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