Gemstones are one of the most valuable items in the universe of the New World. Once equipped, they add bonus perks to the attached item helping you gain an advantage in PVP or AI battles. Like every other mineral, raw Gemstones should be cut or refined before socketing into any items of your choice. The cut of your Gemstone depends upon your stonecutting skill level. Luckily for you, Cut Flawed Gems are the basic set of Gemstones in the New World and can be crafted from level 0. Just access any stonecutting table near you along with your raw Gemstone to craft a Cut Flawed Gemstone.

Where to find raw Gemstones?     

Raw Gemstones are usually found as bi-products while mining for valuable resources like Iron, Gold, Silver, Starmetal, and Platinum. Locate any vein location near you and start mining for the Gemstones. You can increase your chance of finding Gemstone by activating the Mining Luck perk.

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In case you don’t know any ore location, use our Gold, Platinum, or Starmetal vein locations to mine Gemstone.

Different types of Cut Flawed Gems in New World

  • Cut Flawed Malachite
  • Cut Flawed Carnelian
  • Cut Flawed Topaz
  • Cut Flawed Amber
  • Cut Flawed Aquamarine
  • Cut Flawed Jasper
  • Cut Flawed Sapphire
  • Cut Flawed Amethyst
  • Cut Flawed Ruby
  • Cut Flawed Moonstone
  • Cut Flawed Opal
  • Cut Flawed Diamond
  • Cut Flawed Onyx

Remember, if you do not wish to spend time exploring raw Gemstones, you can always buy any type of Gemstone from a trading post.

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