Cooking is one of several activities that you can perform as a player in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While you can eat your cooked meal to regain energy points, there are various tasks that require you to cook specific items. Here’s how to make Crackers in Dreamlight Valley.

How to cook Crackers in Dreamlight Valley

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All you need to cook Crackers are two items: wheat and coal. Inside your house, approach the stove to bring out the cooking pot. Select and drop one wheat item from your inventory into the pot and then choose the “Start Cooking” option, which requires a coal rock and automatically acquires it from your backpack.

Within a few seconds, you’ll receive your freshly baked Crackers. Cooking Crackers is also part of the Foodception quest involving Mickey Mouse. You’ll learn how to plant, water, and harvest wheat during this mission. Furthermore, Mickey will also help you unlock the Fruit Salad recipe and give you a stove to cook on.

Where to get Wheat from in Dreamlight Valley

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You will often come across wheat plants in the Dreamlight Valley. Alternatively, you can purchase wheat seeds from the shop in the Peaceful Meadow area or forage for them. Plant wheat seeds in your garden and wait for them to grow before harvesting.

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