Minecraft offers near-unlimited potential, whether you enjoy building, crafting, exploring, or fighting. The game offers numerous wonderful interactions between the player and the world. This can lead to interesting situations, like the creation of a Charged Creeper. This may leave you wondering how to make a Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock.

To make a Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock, you must have a Creeper get struck by lightning. Naturally, you will need a Creeper and a storm. Unfortunately, once you have these two components, you will likely need to rely on luck for lightning to strike the Creeper and turn it into a Charged Creeper. This makes Charged Creepers one of the rarest mobs.

However, you can increase your odds of creating a Charged Creeper with a Lightning Rod. This item will divert the lightning and cause it to strike its location. To create a Charged Creeper, you simply need lightning to strike within five blocks of the mob. Once you have one, keep your distance as it has an explosive radius much larger and more deadly than a normal Creeper.

How to craft a Lightning Rod in Minecraft Bedrock

Crafting a Lightning Rod is a simple task—you simply need to get your hands on three copper ingots. You can mine for copper and then smelt the ore inside a furnace. Once you have three ingots, simply arrange them vertically in the center of a crafting table. Once you’ve placed a Lightning Rod, you need a stone pickaxe or better to pick it back up. If you break the rod with a lesser quality pickaxe, it will simply break and disappear.

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