Towards Ark Survival Evolved’s end game, you will find increasingly many items requiring an item called Cementing Paste. In this guide, we are going to explain how and where to find Cementing Paste in Ark.

How to make Cementing Paste

The primary method for making Cementing Paste is by making it from either four Chitin or Keratin. Along with that, you will also need eight stone and then combine it all in a Mortar and Pestle or Chemistry Bench. You can also get Cementing Paste naturally through a few creatures and other methods, all of which are listed below. 

  • Beelzebufo – Can convert materials harvested from Meganeura and Titanomyrma into Cementing Paste.
  • Giant Beaver Dam – You can loot large amounts of the Paste from the Dam’s inventory; however, the beavers will become hostile if you do this. 
  • Achatina – The Achatina, over time, will produce a substance called Achatina paste, which you can use as a subsite for Cementing Paste. 

These methods for getting the Cementing Paste are fantastic alternatives for crafting Cementing Paste. We recommend going with the 3rd option out of all of them as it requires the least amount of work. However, for the average player, just crafting the stuff is most likely your best option. That said, the following below is how you can get the resources needed for Cementing Paste.

  • Keratin – You can get Keratin from several dinosaurs like Carbonemys and Triceratops, Stegos, and Anklyos. To harvest Keratin, we recommend using either a hatchet or tamed Sabertooth.
  • Chitin – To get Chitin, you need to harvest it from bug type creatures like Trilobites, Meganeura and Titanomyrmas. We recommend using either a tamed Megatherium or Sabertooth to gather it, along with hatchets again.

To get stone, you have to harvest it from large rocks if you didn’t know already. Depending on what refinery you want to use, you will need the following amounts of all three items for both the Mortar and Pestle and Chemistry Bench.

Mortar and Pestle Requirements

  • Four Chitin or Keratin
  • Eight Stone

Chemistry Bench Requirements

  • 16 Chitin or Keratin
  • 32 Stone

After gathering up the required materials, take them all back to either your Mortar and Pestle or Chemistry Bench, and hit craft on it. 


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