Since Disney Dreamlight Valley released in the fall, it’s no wonder fans might wonder how to make some of their favorite fall treats. Caramel Apples are an available recipe and easily accessible. Read on for more information on how to make this delicious treat.

How to cook Caramel Apples in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Caramel Apples are made by combining two ingredients: Apples and Sugarcane.

Apples are easily found on trees all around the Plaza Biome. Harvestable trees in each biome are marked on your map with a green apple icon. You can pick three Apples each time you harvest from a tree. If you want to maximize efficiency, bring a Disney friend who boosts foraging. This will allow you to gain an additional Apple each time you harvest.

Sugarcane is found in the Dazzle Beach Biome. You can sometimes purchase it directly from Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. His stock changes daily, and it may not always be available. He will always sell Sugarcane seeds, though. These cost 5 star coins a piece. Plant them in the Dazzle Beach Biome to speed up crop growth time. You can also bring a Disney friend that boosts gardening when you harvest for a chance at extra yield for each plant harvested.

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