To make Bleach in Minecraft Education Edition, you will need to make both three water and Sodium Hypochlorite.

Players can make both of these materials using the compound creator and element constructor. But to get either of these structures, players will first need to be in creative mode and have education mode enabled.

To get creative mode, you will need to type /game creative into the console, and to get education mode, players will need to enable it in world settings.

Accessing world settings can be done by going into the world list and hitting the pen icon next to world size or by accessing world settings by creating a new world.

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Players can turn on education mode with either world settings method by finding the cheat tab and enabling both cheats and education mode, as shown below.

When both are activated, you will be able to get both the element constructor and the creator they need by going into the creative inventory – also grab a lab table as you will need it to make bleach later on.

After getting both crafting structures, place both the constructor and the creator on the ground, and access the element constructor first.

Inside the element constructor, players will be able to make all of the elements they will need to make both water and Sodium Hypochlorite.

Starting with water, players will need at least two Hydrogen and one Oxygen, but for Sodium Hypochlorite, they will need one Sodium, one Chlorine, and one Oxygen. That said, use the table below to help you make all materials required for both items.

ElementProtonsElectrons Neutrons
CarbonSixSixAt least five or up to eight
HydrogenOneOneOne or two
Sodium111111 or up to 13
Chlorine171718 or 20

You can make all four elements by putting the correct number of protons, electrons, and neutrons into the slots on the left of your screen as shown below. Doing so will create the element you need to make either water or Sodium Hypochlorite, provided you have the correct number of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

When you finish making all of the required elements, start making both water and Sodium Hypochlorite by going into the compound creator and placing them as needed. For water, you will need to place one Oxygen and two Hydrogen as shown below.

Now for Sodium Hypochlorite, you will need to place at least one Sodium, one Chlorine, and one Oxygen as shown below.

After you get at least three water and three Sodium Hypochlorite, you can make bleach by placing all of the materials inside the lab table, when all materials are place, just hit combine. Doing so will create bleach in Minecraft Education Edition.

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