In Tower of Fantasy, you have a chance to run an Aida Cafe, a trendy place among the simulacra. And one thing they especially like is nice refreshing apple juice. Although it’s not as complicated as some dishes, you’ll still need to gather ingredients according to the Apple juice recipe. Here’s what you need to find to make this sweet drink!

Aida Cafe Apple Juice Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

  • Apple
  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar cube

Where to find Aida Cafe Apple Juice Ingredients

Apples are rare fruit on Aida for some reason, but you have no problem finding them. Just don’t expect them to hang on trees, as they’ll be all lying around in Astra and Banges regions. This fruit regenerates 4 satiety, but it’s best used in apple juice, as this drink regenerates 20 satiety. Aida Cafe will be buzzing with customers when you start making this special apple drink.

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