Your main objective in V Rising is to create your Vampire Castle from which you rule over the surrounding area. Crafting being the centerpoint of the game means that you will need to gather materials and build this castle from the ground up. Stone bricks are an important material in building, and you will no doubt be using tons of them to construct your castle. Here is how to make and use Stone bricks in V Rising.

How to craft Stone Bricks in V Rising

The first step to creating Stone Bricks is to make sure that you have a Grinder. This machine is located under the Production and Refinement sections of your Build menu. It requires eight Planks, four Copper Ingots, and four Whetstones. This means that you will also need a Sawmill for the planks and a Furnace for the Copper Ingots.

Once you have your Grinder, all you need to do is place the Raw Stone into the Grinder, where it will churn out Stone Bricks and Stone Dust. It requires 12 Raw Stone to create one Stone Brick and one Stone Dust, so we recommend you gather as much Stone as you can while out adventuring. You will need tons of it. You can then put these Stone Bricks to use in the various Stone Walls and trappings that a Castle might need.

Getting to the point of making Stone Bricks is defintely a long road, but once you craft your first one, the rest are as easy as just finding the materials.

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