To make repair kits in New World, you will need to gather up what are called repair parts. Repair parts are points that can be obtained from salvaging unwanted weapons and armor in the game. 

Each armor or weapon piece salvaged will give a certain amount of parts. These parts can then be either used to repair your armor alongside a small amount of gold or used to make repair kits. 

However, you won’t just need repair parts to make repair kits. Alongside the required points, you will also need at least 15 points in weaponsmithing and crafting mods. 

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Crafting mods are unique items that can be obtained via supply chests or as loot drops from enemies in the game. 

These crafting mods add various bonuses to items they are crafted on to, but in the case of repair kits, they are just needed to craft them in the game.

That said, you will need at least 40 repair points and one crafting mods to make one repair kit of the standard variant in New World.

How to use repair kits in New World?

Once fully crafted, repair kits can be used to repair either your weapons or armor and even tools in the game. However, each variant of repair kit can only repair a certain type of item depending on the item tier. Here’s the full tier requirement for each repair kit in New World below. 

  • Standard Repair Kit – Tier 2 Items
  • Advanced Repair Kit – Tier 3 Items
  • Expert Repair Kit – Tier 4 Items
  • Master Repair Kit – Tier 5 Items

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