Gold Ingots are one of the more valuable crafting materials in New World, but also one of the rarer and harder to find items. You might have gathered Gold Ore out in the world and be wondering what to do with it. Well look no further!

Gold Ingots are made using Five Gold Ore and Two Silver Ingots. Gold Ore is gathered in the overworld, while you’ll have to make Silver Ingots yourself. They require four Silver Ore.

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The Gold Ingots are manufactured at the Smelter. You’ll find Smelters at any major Settlement or Outpost.

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In order to make Gold Ingots, the Smelter will need to be a Tier 4 Smelter. You’ll have to have a Smelting Skill of Level 50 in order to craft Gold Ingots. The composite Silver Ingots will need to be made at a Smelter Tier 3, but you can craft Silver Ore at any smelting skill level.

What are Gold Ingots used for?

Gold Ingots are used in high-level weapons, Jewelcrafting, furnishings, and other items. It’s an essential ingredient in most mid to high-level amulets, and a valuable and rare material besides.

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It’s incredibly useful to gather and craft Gold Ingots, as they also tend to fetch a handsome price at the Trading Post. Like in any game, Gold is valuable stuff!

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