To make a Sturdy Stick in Project Zomboid, you will need planks and a saw, and you can get planks by sawing logs or by dismantling wood objects in the game. 

But to get saws, you will need to search tool cabinets, garages, and hardware stores. Once you have both a saw and a plank, you will be able to make a sturdy stick by right-clicking on the wood plank and selecting craft a sturdy stick. 

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How to use a Sturdy Stick in Project Zomboid

After crafting a Sturdy Stick in Project Zomboid, players can then use it to make various items in the game, or to set fires by using a notched plank. As for the items players can craft, the first two are a Tent and a Splint. Players can also use Sturdy Sticks to make objects such as Stick Traps and Fishing Rod.

That said, starting with Tents, players can use two Sturdy Sticks alongside four Tent Pegs and a Tarp to make a tent kit they can sleep in. Players can also make a Tent kit using Sturdy Sticks if they have a total of four Stakes and a Tarp. 

For Splints, players will need at least a ripped sheet and one stick. But to make Fishing Rods, players will need one Sturdy Stick, at least a knife, two Fishing Line/Twin, and a Nail. 

Lastly, players can use Sturdy Sticks to make a Stick Trap by using four Sturdy Sticks and two Twine, but only if they have read the second Hunter Magazine.

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