To make a rain collector in Project Zomboid, you will first need a hammer by searching various containers and buildings.

If you have trouble finding a hammer, we recommend looking in warehouses, searching cupboards, garden tool houses, and garages. 

Alternatively, you can make a stone hammer, but doing so requires foraging. In short, you will need to forage for one tree branch, one stone, and you will also need one ripped sheet or rag. 

All three of these resources are pretty easy to get. If you want to get one stone and a tree branch, first find some woods or wilderness. 

When you locate either area, start foraging until you get one tree branch and one stone. Next, you will need to get Ripped Sheets to make a stone hammer. 

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Luckily getting ripped sheets is pretty simple. Just grab some Pants, Sweaters, or Sheets, and you will be able to rip them to make Ripped Sheets. 

That said, when you have all of the necessary resources, you will be able to make a Stone Hammer. This stone hammer or one you found can then be used to make a Rain Collector barrel with the following resources. 

  • 4 Planks
  • 4 Nails
  • 4 Garbage bags 

You can get all three of the required resources by searching and dismantling various items you can get in the game. Starting with garbage bags, you can easily find them by searching both garbage cans and cupboards.

For planks, you can get them by dismantling wood furniture or finding them in warehouses. The same is true with nails, whereas dismantling wooden furniture or searching warehouses is the best way to get them.

You can also find Nails in hardware stores, but we recommend dismantling furniture as you can raise your carpentry skill while dismantling. 

How to use a rain collector in Project Zomboid

To use a Rain Collector in Project Zomboid, you will first need to make one and place it outside, and you will then need to wait for some rain. 

When it rains in the game, the collector will fill up with useable water that you can drink to stay hydrated. Because of this, we recommend using the Rain Collector as a source of water at your base or a location you can quickly get to.

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